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General and specialized ultrasound exams at our Ultrasound clinics at No 52, Solanke Street, Akoka, Lagos

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Ever since the application of ultrasonic waves in medical diagnoses and treatment, several improvements and inventions have further positioned it as a reliable source of more efficient and affordable healthcare delivery.

The affordability, safety and portability of ultrasound technology has widened its acceptance and application in healthcare delivery 

Ultrasonography has been identified as a great tool in improving healthcare delivery in developing nations.

Improved adoption and appropriate use by all healthcare delivery providers and patients is also pivotal to reducing the healthcare burden in Nigeria


New and updated articles relating to  ultrasound 


Utrasound tutorials and courses for sonographers, nurses and physicians


Conducting community based ultrasound research

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ultrasound exams

Multi-systemic screening and diagnostic ultrasound exams at our selected clinics

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